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Tap into a world of opinions. Benefit from the power of positive suggestion.

With your Pixapals app, you can tap your way to honest opinions about your outfit, your shoes, a purchase you’re considering. We let you connect with friends and a global audience.

It’s hard to be honest with yourself, to see yourself the way others see you. At Pixapals, our goal is to make choosing outfits and accessories easier. Take a selfie and share it with friends and other users. You’ll get feedback, support, and advice.

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What it's All About

Make your own fashion a global affair. With the tools at Pixapals, you can share outfits, discuss trends, and get help and advice from an audience around the world.

We know your friends love to help. And if you’re shopping, you can get help from salespeople and other shoppers. Your bedroom mirror never lies. Or does it?


Imagine a world where you can literally tap into the world’s opinions. Send a picture and wait for comments, suggestions and advice. Soon you have a clear idea of what you should wear, what looks good on you, and you know what to wear and what to buy.

Fashion Helps...

We know it’s hard to make fashion decisions by yourself. You need help. And that’s where we come in. We’re Pixapals and live for the power of positive suggestion.

Why Pixapals

Get instant fashion help the minute you need it. With Pixapals, you can tap into a global network of other fashion savvy people who can help you choose the right shoes, buy the right dress, and accessorize your outfit perfectly.

With our simple app, you can take selfies and share them with a network of friends and other users who are more than happy to suggest changes, make recommendations and support your fashion choices.

It’s about using the power of suggestion to help you become the fashionista you always knew you were.

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